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Any questions? Please contact me at or (925) 405 - 6040.

Looking forward to meeting you soon and working together!

Play Therapy San Ramon
You are worried... You are angry... You feel helpless...

You are wondering what has happened to your sweet child

Is s/he ever coming back?

You are done watching your child suffer

You know your child will be a successful adult, if s/he can survive until adulthood.

You are worried if your child is scarred for life because of your divorce. 

You felt like you were a great parent, until you DID become one.

​I am here to support you as a parent and help you understand what's going on with your child. You don't have to be alone figuring out this difficult job of parenting. I work with children 6 and up and involve you to the degree it's necessary in the treatment process.

Therapist San Ramon
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