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Understanding Effects of Developmental Trauma When Working with At-Risk Youth

If you are working with At-Risk Youth, whether the youth is in foster care/adopted or involved with juvenile justice system, you are highly likely to be working with developmental trauma. Traditional approaches to therapy, (especially any form of talk therapy) result in limited and short term results, and you start questioning your effectiveness as a clinician. You know there is trauma history, you are aware that early childhood trauma is affecting current functioning and behavior in general, however, you are not sure what is the extent of the effects on client's brain and/or how to work with it. Please contact me at to find out about training I offer on developmental trauma and brain for your clinical and non-clinical staff.

Therapist San Ramon
Motivational Interviewing and Developmental Trauma Trainings
Using Motivational Interviewing (MI) working with non-substance related issues

Using Motivational Interviewing (MI) can be very helpful with variety of issues where clients are ambivalent about change. MI reduces resistance and empowers clients to take steps for change. Even though MI evolved from experience in the treatment of substance related issues, the applications are endless, including working with clients who are system-involved. Please contact me at to find out about hands-on workshops I offer for improving client engagement for your clinical and non-clinical staff working with clients involved with systems, including probation, child welfare, and schools.

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Therapist San Ramon
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