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Hi, I’m Nes!

I’m a therapist, a parent, a wife, a daughter, a trainer, a supervisor, an immigrant,
and an incurable volunteer! Like you do, I wear many hats throughout the day.
You might also call me a moving-on specialist.

I help people who long to feel content but feel suffocated by their past at times.
Sometimes even by the fear of their future.
I guide them to feel more confident and mindful, so they can start living the life they want,
instead of looking back all the time or fearing what’s ahead.

I help people to feel they belong...

I know from many fulfilling years as a therapist that it IS possible to take charge of your own life and move-on from what is holding you back. I model and encourage you to take some risks, and support you throughout your journey. I support you to surround yourself with the people who are supportive of "the real you." I help you to improve your relationships with the people you care, not only to “get it off of your chest”.

I believe that the Davids inside each one of us will change the world. That’s why I hope you scroll down and read what I mean by that, and then call and schedule a free phone consult today. Interested in learning more about my credentials and experience? Click here.

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The story that guides my work...

David by Michelangelo

There is a story about the historic statue of David created by Michelangelo. A man who admired David so much and wondered how such a perfect sculpture could come from a bulky block of stone decided he had to ask Michelangelo how he did it.

Michelangelo’s response to this man is inspiring and guiding my work more than 500 years later and from 5,000 miles away: “I didn’t create David, he was already there. I just had to chip away the stone that was getting in the way. I chipped away what wasn’t David, and he appeared.”

While looking for a therapist, you may have searched for "Therapist San Ramon" and ended up with a list of dozens, including Nes Pinar Psychotherapy! There are a lot of therapists out there, and many good ones. If you think you and I might be a good match, call me today at (925) 405-6040 or email me at If you're still curious about me and my background and specialties, click here.

Therapist San Ramon
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