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EBTC - East Bay Therapist Community

A Gateway to a Connected Therapist Collective


Being a therapist is a journey that can sometimes feel lonely.
But it doesn't have to be.

As therapists, we often find ourselves in solitary spaces, behind closed doors,
delving into the depths of others' most intimate experiences.

We share in their joys and sorrows, yet the demands of our profession limit our ability
to freely share these experiences with our cherished ones.

We understand the unique struggles of our profession, from the rewarding moments
to the heart-wrenching ones.

The weight of loss, particularly when a client's journey takes a tragic turn,
can be a burden carried alone, understood best by our fellow therapists.

At EBTC, we're more than just a therapist networking hub; we're a dream brought to life. Founded by Nes Pinar, who is passionate about uniting people to build meaningful communities, EBTC is a manifestation of years of dreaming and conversations with fellow therapists. It's a space where we jump into the depths of collective wisdom, leaning on each other for support and knowledge.

Becoming a part of EBTC is as simple as expressing your interest! There are multiple avenues through which you can join our vibrant community:

  • Join Our Email Listserv: Stay connected by becoming a member of our email listserv, ensuring you're among the first to know about our upcoming events and new offerings in the community and refer or get referred for prospective clients. Ask to join by clicking here!

  • Subscribe to Our Bi-Monthly Newsletter: Delve deeper into our community by subscribing to our newsletter. Get insights into our upcoming events, enriching your EBTC experience. Join by subscribing at

  • Offer Your Expertise: Share your knowledge and insights by volunteering for a presentation or engaging in Q&A sessions, contributing to the collective growth of our community.

  • Rent Space for Group Sessions or Meetings: Enhance your involvement by utilizing our spaces for group therapy sessions or meetings you host. We offer free or reduced fees for non-profit endeavors.

  • Propose and Host Social/Events: Have a creative event or social gathering in mind? Let us know! We welcome your event ideas and are open to co-hosting with you.

  • Contribute to Our Blog: Share your expertise and thoughts on topics of interest by contributing to our blog, fostering valuable discussions within the community.

  • Share Resources: Spread the wealth of knowledge by sharing unique resources you're a part of or are familiar with through our channels. You can even leave physical brochures for others to discover.


Your journey with EBTC begins with your desire to connect and engage.

We eagerly await your involvement, and together, let's create a thriving community at EBTC!

East Bay Therapist Community
Therapist San Ramon
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