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You want something to be different...

You function on autopilot and don’t feel “alive” anymore. Your mind never seems to be matching up with where your body is. You find yourself asking, “What has happened to us?” You and your partner got together to be happy and ended up feeling miserable. You feel so tired of your worries. You forgot what it was like to wake up rested. You want to make "them" happy, but what you do is "not good enough". You want something to be different, but you don't know how.


Therapy can help you to find out how... Call today at (925) 405 6040 or send an e-mail to to learn more & schedule your FREE consultation session.*

* You'll pay for your first session only if we decide we are a good match. You owe me nothing if you decide we are not a good match, and I'll gladly provide you with referrals.

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Serving to improve communities,
one person and one family at a time.

Therapist San Ramon
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